November Wrap-Up

December 4, 2018

Last Friday, CFI WNY hosted a lecture by Buffalo State College professor Michael Niman.

Mike Niman on CFI stage
Professor Michael Niman of Buffalo State College spoke at CFI WNY on November 30, 2018.

In his talk titled “Weaponized Social Media and the War on Verifiable Reality,” Niman demonstrated the many ways in which social media has become embedded in the lives of Americans. Additionally, Niman explored some of the implications of widespread social media use around the world, including the role social media played in the fall of Mosul. Niman argued that media literacy is one of the tools necessary to fight back against the spread of fake news on social media, but also warned that the physically and psychologically addictive nature of social media will make this a difficult battle to fight.

attendees niman event
Attendees during the Q&A session after Michael Niman’s lecture.

Our regular events were held including Drinking Skeptically, Cafe Inquiry (North, South, and City), and the Potluck Dinner Party. Some of our members attended the Science & Spirit concert put on by Sotto Voce, a choral exploration of the nature of human existence today.

Tom Flynn’s film Test of Faith was screened on November 6 at the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival.

Some of our local members participated in efforts to increase political participation, including registering people to vote and offering rides to the polls. Nationally, data from Pew Research Forum indicate that the share of midterm voter participation was up among the religiously unaffiliated – from 12% in 2014 to 17% in 2018.

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