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Understanding the Impact of Contamination in Rural and Industrial Neighborhoods in and Around Buffalo, NY

September 21, 2018
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Center for Inquiry – Transnational
1310 Sweet Home Road
Amherst, New York 14228 United States

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Organized by:
Center for Inquiry Western New York

Organized by:
Friends of Tonawanda Coke Soil Study


Using advanced multivariate statistical techniques to estimate concentration values in and around communities as well as mapping social demographic factors can give a clear picture of the impact environmental pollution has on a community.

Doctor Tammy M. Milillo, a research assistant professor in the department of chemistry at the University at Buffalo, will give a FREE public presentation that will highlight past environmental studies where community-based research has been successful in the neighborhoods of both Hickory Woods in South Buffalo, NY and Eighteen mile Creek in Niagara County as well as current projects involving the Delavan-Grider neighborhood and Tonawanda Coke Corporation.

Using these case studies, the audience will learn about the multidisciplinary approach of dealing with remediation in these neighborhoods which is necessary to get a basic understanding of the magnitude of the impact environmental contamination has on a community as well as the power residents have to influence or impact potential remediation strategies and what is involved in community-based research projects.

The maps created from this technique become tools which residents can use to become empowered advocates for their community and be a valued partner in the remediation planning process. The presentation will also touch upon what a community effected with environmental contamination can do protect themselves and what steps can be taken by residents to begin to answer questions about what contamination is present, how much is there, and where it is located.

Tammy M. Milillo is currently a research assistant professor in the department of chemistry at the University at Buffalo, a post she has held for the last six years. Prior to this she received her PhD under the direction of Joseph A. Gardella Jr., where her research focus was on environmental modeling and contamination. She received her bachelor’s degree in chemistry in 2002 from University at Buffalo. Her research interests focus around computational modeling as it pertains to the environment and the study of contaminant distributions.

Her environmental work has evolved over the last twenty years, where she has worked with many local communities such as Seneca Babcock, 858 East Ferry, and Hickory Woods, and is currently working on projects in the Tonawanda Coke, Eighteen mile Creek Corridor, and Delavan-Grider neighborhoods. She is also involved in ongoing work with the Mapping Waste database, which contains environmental contamination data for three counties.

In 2018 she was recognized by the city of Buffalo as well as the New York State Senate for her outstanding community outreach in environmental work in and around Buffalo, NY.

For more information text/call John at 716-238-3821 or email wnycoordinator@centerforinquiry.net