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Final Exit Network presentation by Mark Davis

Friday, March 20
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Center for Inquiry
1310 Sweet Home Road
Amherst, NY 14228 US

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Final Exit Network is a national non-profit (501c3) organization serving members throughout the country.

Their vision is:

“Any competent person unbearably suffering
an intractable medical condition has the
option to die legally and peacefully.”

Their mission is:

“Educate qualified individuals in practical,
peaceful ways to end their lives,
offer a compassionate bedside presence,
 and defend their right to choose.”

The Final Exit Network publicly offers education, support, and a compassionate presence to their members, they provide “Exit Guides” throughout the U.S. to those who meet their Medical Committee requirements.  Through the legal defense of “Exit Guides”, they have made significant changes to laws in states where their right to provide services has been challenged.

The Final Exit Network provides practical information on how to self-deliver, while counseling applicants to consider all other options.  The focus is on making sure the individual who wants to die, isn’t suffering from a mental illness that impairs judgement and decision making, and, that the family is in accord with the act.  In addition, The Final Exit Network volunteers will travel to the individual to evaluate the situation and educate him/her in person, and then, if desired, will return to offer a compassionate presence for the exit.  All of these services are entirely free.

Mark Davis is a retired business man who became passionate about “aid in dying” issues after his mother, who had been suffering from a long term illness, abruptly experienced a painful deterioration that negatively affected her quality of life.  His mother frequently asked for help to end her life during her final difficult and traumatic months.

In the years after his mother’s death, Mark and his wife joined a group at the Poughkeepsie New York Unitarian Universalist Congregation called the Death Buffet.  They trained as Hospice volunteers to offer compassion and care to hospice patients living at home, in nursing homes and in the hospice facility.  They also learned about about the history of the Hemlock Society, the Final Exit Network, and Compassion and Choices. Based on the experience with Mark’s mother, he immediately became involved in the Final Exit Network, becoming a speaker for the organization and then receiving training as an “Exit Guide”


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