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Drinking Skeptically Meeting

November 8, 2019
7:30 pm - 11:30 pm

Rohall’s Corner
540 Amherst Street
Buffalo, NY 14207 US

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Drinking Skeptically is an informal social event designed to promote fellowship and networking among skeptics, critical thinkers, and other like-minded individuals. It provides an opportunity for skeptics to talk, share ideas (and yes, drink) in a casual, relaxed atmosphere. But most of all, we have fun while promoting skepticism, science, and rationality.

We start each event with a kick-off topic to get the conversation rolling, and then discuss whatever else is on our minds.

This Month: The Moon Landing

It’s been fifty years since human civilization has landed on the giant floating rock that orbits this planet, yet there are enough people out there that think this never happened. Why? Because an ultra libertarian noted for writing travel books said so? Or is it because it’s sometimes fun to doubt such events? Is there anything on the “dark side” of the moon or are we supposed to watch the Wizard of Oz without an impromptu soundtrack? Join us for a lunar discussion for the November drinking skeptically

Questions? Call/text John Barrett @716-238-3821 or email wny@centerforinquiry.org